Labors’ Day | AOSIF salutes to workers all over the world! 2019-04-30

From the three-foot platform, there is the figure of teacher.

Take care of your healthy and rescue the life, there is a doctor's sweat.

Rice & vegetables for Three meals, delicious food in restaurants,

Skyscraper, fancy cloth & float, and frontier defending,

There are farmers, cooks, workers, soldiers...

They are from different fields But there is a common name for them.


They are working hard in every corner of China,

explaining the duty with their hands,

holding up the responsibilities with their shoulders,

dedicating with their conscience,

and describing life with their sweat.

AOSIF laborer

Even if the tightness of a screw or the straightness of a copper pipe , every details can't go wrong.

We will never relax, because we know that quality not only concerns the lives of consumers, but the life of AOSIF as well.

—— Production Dept

Who says that the generator set can't be a Artwork?

—— Designer

Being used to telling the truth, operating with good faith, Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.     

—— Sales Team 

best wishes

# Work is the most glorious#

In such festival belongs to labors

AOSIF wishes all of you

Happy holidays!

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