The tech team from CCEC visited AOSIF - Holding a product exchange meeting 2018-10-26

In this trip, thetechnical team from CCEC visited the AOSIF at the production base mainly todiscuss and exchange views on the problems of Cummins products that reallyappear in the process of production. 

The MEETING washeld in the conference room. First of all, a warm welcome was given to thetechnical team from CCEC. During the meeting, Xie Shuilin, our production manager, put forward some problems that really appear in the process of production,and technicians from both sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on these issues.

The live discussion was overwhelming and all questions raised by our technicians were answered one by one.  The perfect products can only be created subject to the sincere cooperation with each other.

Except exchanging views of problems that may arise in the production process, Engineers from CCEC also give detailed instructions of engines on N series, K19 series, K38 series and K50 series, as well as maintenance considerations.

In the workshop site, the technical engineers from CCEC also patiently answered all the questions relating to the problems that encountered or may arise during the operation of the engine. They pointed out, “Besides the reasonable design of the product itself, the professionalism of the users also determines the stability, durability and safety of the product; Only when the two combining together, then the equipment can be fully, safely and effectively operated. This is something that everyone needs to pay attention to”. All on-site technicians agree!

Finally, thanks to the Technical Team from CCEC for the support to AOSIF.  The growth of AOSIF is inseparable from the joint efforts of both sides. Quality is the life of every enterprise, AOSIF adheres to his mission, behind each product represents the best pursuit of AOSIF people.

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