test 2019-01-30

Six.AOSIF Corporate Philosophy:

1. Development Concept: unswervingly take the road of sustainable development.

2. Win-win Concept: One should help others be developed then will developed, one should help others succeed then will succeed.

3.Business Philosophy: professional services to meet customer demand, to achieve sales and profits.

4.Market Concept: only the ideas of the off-season,no off-season market.

5.Competition Concept: competition is the eternal theme in the market,promoting development in competition.

6.Service Concept: to the user as the center, the urgent user anxious.

7.Customer Relationship Concept: the customer is never wrong.

8. Quality Concept: continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence, and to maximize customer satisfaction.

9I.Production Concept: high quality, high efficiency.

10.Security Concept: pay attention to safety, the source of happiness.

11.Innovative Idea: The word "impossible" is not in my dictionary.

12.Opportunity Idea: The opportunity only be given to the people who prepares well.

13.Talent Concept: Talent is the enterprise's largest capital.

14. Organize ideas: obedience is a virtue.

15.Team Concept: we are an organization, strict,harmonious and warm family.

16.Philosophy: learning is the ladder of the progress of people.

17.Management: management is a serious love, all start from communication.

18.Survival Philosophy: development, only to survive.

19.Cost Concept: control each link of every penny.

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